LAKESHORE RECORDS is the independent music division of Lakeshore Entertainment, responsible for such films as The Ugly Truth, The “Underworld” franchise, Million Dollar Baby, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, the “Crank” franchise, She's The Man and many more.

Lakeshore Records has released soundtracks to such films as The Hurt Locker, Monsters Vs. Aliens, I Love You Man, Wanted, Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, Superbad, Resident Evil: Extinction, Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Nacho Libre, The Last Kiss, Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, Wicker Park, and The Lakehouse to name a few. Additionally, Lakeshore Records has released score albums from composers such as Danny Elfman, James Horner, Thomas Newman, John Powell, Mark Isham, Graeme Revell, Rolfe Kent, Gustavo Santoalalla, Philip Glass, Dario Marianelli, Mark Mothersbaugh, Christophe Beck, Christopher Young, Rachel Portman, and Marco Beltrami.

Artists who began their careers at Lakeshore Records, or on one of our associated imprints include the critically acclaimed Queens Of The Stone Age and alternative darlings Grandaddy. Additionally, we have released albums from James Wilsey (Silvertone), Meat Beat Manifesto, Kevin Devine (Miracle of 86), AK 1200, Bob Forrest, Thelonious Monster and Candiria.



How do I contact you guys?
Phone: 310.867.8000
Fax: 310-300-3038

What's your mailing address?
9268 West Third Street
Beverly Hills CA 90210

I've got a radio show and I want to play one of your artists.
Who do I contact?

Cinemedia Promotions

I'm a writer/editor and I want to review one of your artists.
Who do I contact?

Cinemedia Promotions

I need a bio, photo and information on one of your artists.
Who do I contact?

You are welcome to download any text and/or photos off of our website. All text and graphics on the site have been approved for reproduction. If you prefer hard copies of bios and photos then contact Cinemedia Promotions.

Does Lakeshore-Records have any offices outside of the US?
No, not yet.

I'm a consumer. Where can I buy Lakeshore-Records releases?
Lakeshore-Records releases are available at most record stores but if you can't find what you are looking for we suggest the following:

1. Bring the artist name and CD title to your favorite local record store and ask them to order you a copy. Most music stores provide this service and will be more than happy to do this for you.
2. Lakeshore-Records titles are available from the following on line retailers:

I'm a retailer. Where can I buy Lakeshore-Records releases?
RED distribution.

We are carried by most national one-stop distributors including:
Baker & Taylor
Super Discount OS

Who do I contact about using Lakeshore-Records music in a film, television program or commercial?
You can fax a request to 310-300-3038 or contact Brian McNelis at:

Lakeshore Records
9268 West Third Street
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Who distributes Lakeshore-Records?
We are proud to announce our change of distribution to RED.